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Selecting Veneers at Tabu in Italy

Photographs taken during a trip to Tabu, the veneer specialists. The Tabu factory is located just outside Milan on the way to Lake Como. On this trip I was accompanied by the cabinetmakers who will be applying the veneer to room panelling and cupboards. Here we are selecting quarter-cut Carolina pine that has been stained with two different dyes so as to give the impression that one veneer is the negative image of the other. The darker veneer is to be used for wall panelling and the outsides of the cupboard doors, the lighter veneer is for the insides of the cupboards. With such a large amount of panelling it is important to select the logs to be used in order to get a good consistency of figuring and colour.

The image above shows the veneers with the two different stains.

A small selection of Tabu's vast quantity of veneers.

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