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Joinery in Production at Interior ID

This is the third trip this year to Interior ID’s factory in Riegersburg, Austria. This trip is to inspect some kitchen and dressing room joinery currently in production. The image above shows some wardrobe cupboard fronts veneered with the dark stained, quarter cut Carolina Pine selected at Tabu, in Italy in May last year.

The spray booth at Interior ID’s state-of-the-art facilities includes airlocks at both ends and amazing downdraft extraction system in the floor.

Finger-pull details in some kitchen cabinetry for a current project. The back of the finger pull gives a hint of the interior finish of the cupboard.

Some smoked lacewood, (the timber obtained from London plane trees) so called because of the lace like quality of the grain. This veneer has just arrived at the factory and is going to be used under glass on a table top that will form the centrepiece of a bar in a London home. The timber choice is a nod to the table top London plane trees that we have just planted in the garden of the same house.

Interior ID’s factory in its fairy-tale setting!

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