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Viabizzuno in Milan

In Milan this week with Viabizzuno to attend their annual Scoula; to see their 'Solis silos nutrirsi di luce' installation, created for the Fuorisalone 2015; and to visit the Milan Expo.

Inside the temporary lecture theatre on Via San Marco. This is a lovely space; pale birch-plywood surfaces provide a calm background punctuated by the strict black and white of the fittings (and architects!). The brass lighting arrangement hanging from the ceiling contains the new n55 fitting.

Mario Nanni presenting next to the Dama fitting. This beautiful chandelier (or high society woman/ beloved lady, as it roughly translates) was designed by David Chipperfield and Mario Nanni in 2011 and will shortly be the glamorous centrepiece hanging low over a bench in a dressing room soon to be completed in a London home.

Viabizzuno's Solis Silos installation on Via San Marco after a morning shower. The outer surface of the silos is developing a wonderful rich patina as the silos oxidise in the atmosphere. Inside, the seven silos, seven concepts are explored: earth, air, idea, sun, moon, water, and fire.

The silos by night - next to the herb garden.

Inside one of the silos: Water

Inside one of the silos: Moon

The courtyard outside Viabizzuno's showroom on a warm September evening, where we were generously hosted throughout the day.

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