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Cinema Seating 1

Today, a visit to Dudgeon, the sofa makers, who are producing some bespoke seating and footstalls for a cinema which forms part of a current project. There will be one long sofa on each tier to allow flexibility in terms of seating position and numbers.

The top two images show the sofa frames, ready to receive the webbing, springs and padding.

A few days later the webbing, springs and padding start to go on and the sofas start to take shape.

These sofas are specifically intended for a seating position where the user will have their feet up and looking slightly upwards. They have therefore been designed with a particularly deep seating area to allow for a slouched position with the back just high enough to lean one’s head against.

These sofas will eventually be finished with a deep midnight velvet from Lizzo, pictured above, which has just arrived.


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